Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Ethernet Works

Ethernet was initially invented as a way of connecting a printer to a computer but today is the name for the cable that allows most network devices to connect to each other. The name Ethernet can also refer to the communication protocol that is used by the cable that allows the devices to 'talk' to each other. Ethernet was created and designed by Bob Metcalfe while he was working at the Xerox research centre in 1973. Since then his creation has become almost the standard issue way to connect network devices and almost all computers and laptops have an inbuilt Ethernet port. The speed of Ethernet has also been improved since 1973 and we now have what is known as 'Fast Ethernet'. But what is Ethernet and how does it work?

A network allows computers to connect to each other and exchange information; in today's internet based society networks are hugely important. The internet itself is an example of a mammoth global network. There are two main types of network: a Local Area Network (or LAN) and a Wide Area Network (a WAN). A LAN is a network made up of a group of computers in close proximity. A WAN is a network that is made up of several major LANs and can cover vast distances - the internet is a WAN. Ethernet, then, is the connection that makes up a LAN. Ethernet can really only be used for LANs as over the long distances needed for a WAN the signal can break down. Ethernet is the basis for creating a LAN but also can be used to connect a computer or network to the internet.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Benefits You Can Get From IT Consulting Firms

IT consulting plays a significant role in any business' success as far as saving cost and maintaining employee productivity are concerned. Everything from IT outsourcing to managed services can keep your company stable since proactive IT system monitoring would be done to prevent any breakdown. Many consulting firms are offering different solutions that can help any business meet its goals.


Many firms are investing in hardware and technologies that can be so costly. If you have a small business, it could be more practical to just outsource on IT services. Doing so can help you reduce the need for in-house specialists who will administer your IT networks. A good managed IT service provider has the finest and best technologies that enable their clients to enjoy the advantages of carrier grade solutions.


IT consulting firms have IT skilled individuals who may exceed the stages available within a business. Giving your organization access to IT specialist skills can prove to be a priceless asset. You can even save on the cost of investing in staff training or hiring freelance technicians.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Web Vulnerability Scanner: Secure Your Web Address From Hackers

Regardless of whether you are a layman or a business entrepreneur, one of your major concerns is to keep away from any attack from web hackers. It has become a growing concern among many individuals and they are on the constant lookout for scanners. If you too are looking for such scanner, you can always opt for a reliable web vulnerability scanner. On the internet, you can find many websites that offer this service. They contribute towards eliminating all complexities that you might be facing to secure your data stored on the computer.

There are myriad options available when it comes to choosing a tool for protecting your network. The UTM firewall protector is one such device. It can protect your entire network. Investing in it will present you with the state of the art next gen firewall, VPN with IPsec and best anti-spam with less false positives. The installed anti-virus supports several engines to ensure best virus scan. With web vulnerability scanner, you will even receive backing for web proxy and filtering. Some of the additional features include system status, alert center, firmware update content filter, intrusion prevention and alert level.

There are instances when you may lose Wi-Fi passwords for WPS, WEP, WPA and WPA2. This may affect your present project at hand. Wi-Fi gives you access to several networks wherein you can find information regarding your project. The web vulnerability scanning tool even offers services for WPA cracking for Wi-Fi connection. Lost passwords can be recovered with ease. This way you can secure your Wi-Fi network and ensure that the codes are not broken by the attackers. With the complementary portable penetrator, you can check whether your networks are secure or not.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

4 Things You Should Know About Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Citrix consultants and other virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI consultancy professionals are very much in demand right now because a lot of businesses are looking to virtualize their desktops.

If you are looking for Citrix consultants to help you with your virtualization efforts, it is important to know more about VDI so that you would know what skills, characteristics and traits to look for in them.

These are the things that everybody interested in virtualization and VDI, not just VDI consultancy professionals, should know about.

1. What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Coined by VMWare, Inc., virtual desktop infrastructure is when you host a desktop operating system and applications on a virtual machine located on a centralised, remote or hosted server. It is a form of server-based computing.

With VDI, desktops are made mobile and become accessible to the user, whether he or she is accessing this on his or her laptop, tablet, smartphone and other client devices. It is served to different clients through the company's network or via the Internet.

2. VDI enables you to have workplace mobility.

· Supports the BYOD trend. A growing trend among employees nowadays is that they want to use their own devices when working. They are more familiar with their iPhones rather than the BlackBerries that the company wants them to use. VDI makes it possible to work with Linux or Windows computers, iOS devices, Android devices and others.

· Work anywhere, anytime. You do not have to be in the office in order to access the files you have on your desktop. With VDI, you can get to your files and your desktop no matter where you are.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Basic Skills Required In Application Development For Mobile Platforms

Being successful in application development for mobile platforms will require you to be in possession of two skills which are considered to be essential. They are very important, whether you are developing these applications with the intention of landing a mobile application development job or you are planning on selling these apps directly.

To ensure your success in the field of mobile platform application development, it is important that you have some of what is known as object-oriented programming skills. Coding of many of the mobile applications that are being developed these days is done in the language known as Java. As far as object-oriented programming languages go, Java is one of the most popular ones. A full grasp of object oriented programming is required so you can fully internalize the Java language and start coding. But it is not unheard of to find people who gain familiarity of object oriented programming by getting acquainted with Java first.

But this is actually an extremely steep learning curve. Mastery and command of object oriented programming concepts is a must if you want to get started on successfully creating mobile applications. But there are also other programming languages that are being used in mobile application development. You'd be wrong to think it's just Java that is being used. But no matter what programming language is used in developing the mobile applications, it is still important for the application developer to possess object oriented programming skills.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Information About Internet, Internet Services, Web Browsers and Their Uses

What Is the Internet?

The internet is a very large network connecting computers all over the world. Using the internet, you can access information from computers all over the world right at your home. The internet is, in fact, a huge encyclopedia of information. You can find information on any topic of your choice. Today, there are millions of people using the internet.

How the Internet Works

The transfer of data over the internet happens in a similar manner. The data is broken into small pieces of similar size called packets. The address of the source and the destination are then added to each packet. On the way, the packets are received by routers, which act like postal delivery people. A router reads the address on a packet and sends the packet to the destination through the best possible path. The packets may take different paths to reach the destination. The packets are examined at the destination point.

If any packet is missing or damaged, a massage is sent to the sender requesting the packets to be resent. This process continues until the complete data reaches the destination. At the destination, the packets are rearranged in their original form. Each computer connected to the internet has a software called the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol. Internet Protocol). The TCP/IP protocol is responsible for sending, receiving and checking the packets.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Five New Features That You Should Learn About Adobe Photoshop CS6

If you are looking to enhance your photos or want to create stunning digital artwork, Adobe Photoshop is the software you need. The latest version CS6 includes five especially noteworthy features that will turn your photos into works of art. Features in the latest update include new design tools, an updated user interface, a new crop tool, improved autocorrect and the inclusion of Adobe Camera Raw 7. These five features are useful tools for photographers, digital artists and everyone else who wants or needs to edit photos and other images. If you want to learn about the many other features of Adobe Photoshop, you can also sign up for Adobe Photoshop Classes.

New Crop Tool

Picture cropping is commonly part of the process of editing digital photos. The new enhanced crop tool found in Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a noticeable improvement and allows you to crop photos with higher precision and speed than its predecessor. The Mercury Graphics Engine is what gives the crop tool in CS6 its quick and accurate results.

Improved Autocorrect

Autocorrect allows users to make simple edits to their images in a matter of seconds. A simple click of the mouse button can autocorrect curves, brightness, contrast and color levels. Sometimes, all a photo needs is a quick touchup with this tool. It's an easy to use and powerful tool that every Photoshop user should become familiar with.